Blurp – Going Over The Years

Meet up with friends, go to party, see live acts, party more, go sleep.
Wake up with the smell of smoke in your hair, a slight tinnitus & the afterflashes of a scrobo, find consensus on where & when to meet with friends from far & near, hardly have time to shower & eat.
Off to more live acts, more party till early morning hours…
How come NYE & New Year’s day start to feel like Maschinenfest?

Blurp – Taking off your Boots

Weird experience. At the end of a mega-fetish-industrial-noise party, I sit on the ground, take off my boots and put my leggings back on. And a guy comes up to me telling me this is “not done” and I should have used the bathroom to do it in private… Other people walk past and I get “the eye”.


Around me are a lot of almost-naked people, some of them only wearing pieces of duct tape, there’s quite a bit of semi-fucking going on, there is an open view on the bondage area & the dungeon, and just sitting on the ground, not even in full sight, and just very practically getting some warmer clothes on before leaving is “wrong”? Gosh, you would have had to try hard to spot my underwear.. Really… Maybe if I had made a performance out of it, it would have been acceptable..

Guess it says enough about the party. Musicwise it was amazing (ouch my feet), the other aspect… Well.. I’ve been to quite a few of the more regular “normal” Berlin parties which had more atmosphere and where well… the audience might have been extreme, but most definitively themselves? Imho, there was quite a bit of showing off, and not enough expressing… I remembered what someone once told me about KitKat: you can put a german secretary in leather & latex, it will still be a german secretary”..

Blurp – A Good Night Out

Dang, if anyone in the 80s would have told me, in 2015, when you’re 47, you will be walking through a full-mooned – though not blood-mooned unfortunately – night to dance your head off in one (dark & black-lighted) basement to Skinny Puppy & Cabaret Voltaire, in another room full of “people with exploded mattresses on their head” (thx Urbanus…) to SPK & Virgin Prunes, & most mindfucking, in a third room (with a semi-functioning smoke cannon) to a lot of post-millennium noise, Coil and Foetus… (the 4th floor with the batcave stuff I just took a peak) and leave the party with the birds singing, the sun shining & a straight blue sky, knowing I would probably miss a beautiful day..

I don’t think I would have believed them…

Rant – Gentrification

ShitShitShitShitShit… one of the most “lively” and larger premises of Berlin, where many smaller and alternative initiatives found a home has been sold to an “investor group”. And everyone knows where that will end…

Even though it became more and more commercial, & tourist-oriented the last few years, unfortunately attracted also the not so nice side-effects of the party-scene, such as those really annoying dealers or the kiddies who can’t handle alcohol or other substances.

Still, there’s a lot of great stuff going on there, both music- as well as artwise, and it’s also the home of my acrobatics society, so this is REALLY bad news!
Parties, music and art do NOT go well with office buildings or (probably expensive) new housing, as many clubs in Berlin can unfortunately confirm…

Blurp – A NYE full of noise & smoke

2015 started fiiiiine, how I love noise & structured chaos (and ow my poor feet).
Pointing out the right bridge to a horde of dutchies to duck fireworks, see berlin go down in a cloud of powder smoke & prove that Friedrichshain people a. like Bengal fire, b. can’t see a fence without trying to climb over, even on the railing of a bridge, c. know how to friendly take over the streets (no burning cars this year), d. can literally swing a bridge …

Quick excursion to Frankfurter Allee & the usual drunk people in the middle of the avenue lightning whole boxes of fireworks at once, and barely avoiding the rockets going in our direction when one of those boxes fell over. (but really, compared to Neukölln or so, it’s quiet in Friedrichshain..)

Checking the cat and noticing my hair & clothes smell badly of powder-smoke.
Off to Subland (thx for the place on the guest-list people), starting with the deep dark swampy ambient of Swarm Intelligence, followed by Monolog’s bassz & breaakz. Quicky to the neighbouring Kili club, the kinda party that is pre-announced with “please leave your dogs at home”, yup, sounds like my kinda scene, great atmosphere, nice campfire, but musically not as intense as usual.

Back to Subland, to indulge in more great music.. Submerge literally making the air vibrate with live bass, the set from the people from Defce slowly but steadily disintegrating into industrial noise, final track heavily cited Author & Punisher, which pushed me definitively over the edge. Next going deep, dark and sludgy beats with Embryonic & dancing head off, and though my feet were already like “really one more??”, djeez, that final track from the “guy from Ad Noiseam” proved Ministry & breakier-than-breakcore are one hell of a good combination & blew me out of my head and socks again. Had to give up after that, guess I am getting old, and went home – as always utterly sober but high on musick – admiring the heaps of burned up boxes & broken wine bottles in the morning light..

48 hours rest before the Hands night to get my feet to recover…..