Blurp – Nature when you least expect it

To see cats & rats roaming the streets of a big city at night is quite normal.

When I moved here, I was happily surprised by the amount of squirrels foraging and flying from tree to tree. I almost got used to foxes feeling quite at home in my street.

But on my way back from the giveaway shop tonight, I spotted a big fluffy tail, not red enough for a fox or a squirrel, and legs too short for a cat. Yup, bumping into a feral ferret was relatively new experience I gotta admit. And the look in its eyes were something like “wtf are you looking at”. I guess this one didn’t like life as a pet….

(Note from december: a friend of mine pointed out it was probably not a ferret, but a stone-marten. These seem to have found their ecological niche in the cracks of civilization, causing stories about poltergeists because they have found their way to the attics of the old buildings, and car problems since they love chewing the wires and tubes…)

Blurp – Traveling – a short stop over in Bihac, Bosnia

Sitting on a terrace in Bihac, with a view on the turquoise, deep & utterly clear waters of the Una river. Sipping Bosnian coffee, and of course there’s a cat 🙂

People here are almost scarily friendly here, I can plugin my laptop, and well… I will prolly leave Bosnia with a fruit overdose.

The Bus to Sanski Most leaves at 15:15. The bus driver already packed my backpack with 3 weeks of dirty laundry inside, and since I couldn’t find a place to stay by the internet, he will arrange a room for me 🙂 Pity the bus will prolly arrive too late to hike to the waterfall in Sanski Most (2 hour hike, bus will be in the town at 17:30), and tomorrow it will rain… Plus, I need to be in Prijedor at the latest at 16:30 to catch the last, last, last possible train to Zagreb…

But I already had such a huge amount of beautiful nature here.

Blurp – Almost empty backpack

Not much was left of my two backpacks utterly filled up with socks, underwear and scarfs after I finally managed to deliver the stuff for the refugees to the right people, and where it was indeed needed.

Again, right across the street from my hostel there’s an improvised refugee camp. And no, again, I don’t take pictures. a. I don’t think that’s “worthy”, b. again, just like in Budapest, pictures simply are not a good representation of the situation. And you don’t want to know how it looked after the really heavy cloudburst this evening. The volunteers here are desperately looking for laundry machines to use so they can clean the clothing again.

But also again. The people I meet are so amazing, though the situation here (and what I heard, indeed in Subotica) is really bad, in a different way from Budapest, and for all, contrary to Budapest and Berlin, there’s lack of so many things here.. For example children’s (boy’s) clothing and shoes.

Again and again, the support and the solidarity of the local people & the people from different countries volunteering, and the work and the heart they put into it… it’s frikkin awesome. You people are the best 🙂

Blurp – Taking off your Boots

Weird experience. At the end of a mega-fetish-industrial-noise party, I sit on the ground, take off my boots and put my leggings back on. And a guy comes up to me telling me this is “not done” and I should have used the bathroom to do it in private… Other people walk past and I get “the eye”.


Around me are a lot of almost-naked people, some of them only wearing pieces of duct tape, there’s quite a bit of semi-fucking going on, there is an open view on the bondage area & the dungeon, and just sitting on the ground, not even in full sight, and just very practically getting some warmer clothes on before leaving is “wrong”? Gosh, you would have had to try hard to spot my underwear.. Really… Maybe if I had made a performance out of it, it would have been acceptable..

Guess it says enough about the party. Musicwise it was amazing (ouch my feet), the other aspect… Well.. I’ve been to quite a few of the more regular “normal” Berlin parties which had more atmosphere and where well… the audience might have been extreme, but most definitively themselves? Imho, there was quite a bit of showing off, and not enough expressing… I remembered what someone once told me about KitKat: you can put a german secretary in leather & latex, it will still be a german secretary”..

Blurp – Support the Senior Citizens

Sitting here in my still sweat-drenched t-shirt & about to count all my bruises, I just realized the fat old guy I supported when he crowd-surfed the pogo zone was actually Jello Biafra.

I don’t do hero-worshipping, not even old ones, but if anyone would have told me 30 years ago, that at age 48 I would be jumping around in the pogo zone and keep the even older former singer of the Dead Kennedys in the air, I would have just laughed and for sure not believe it…

Dang, I planned to not dive into the pogo zone this time (gig was sold out, and there were quite a few “tanks” in it), and was safely standing in a corner, but well, third song or so was “California über alles” and I suddenly found myself bumping (and for all, being bumped) all over the place…

No reason to stop after that. (and it was a frikkin good gig, two members of Victims Family are part of the band. nuff said 🙂 )

Blurp – A random outside event

Nice surprise at the Lohmühle Summerfest today: militant queer-rap with great lyrics on nice danceable, slightly cheesy, rhythms. If they play near you, go see them, live so much more better than soundcloud.

It also made me realize, looking around me in the audience, how many people were around who, if you want to mention gender, can best be described as “post-gender”. But fuk all that, in the end we’re all individuals (and dangit, how we love to express this 🙂 ).

And of course I enjoyed the rest of the fest, the diversity in age and appearance of the people, everywhere self-made food & drinks and little performances or play areas for kids & grownups, just letting myself go with the not really straight flow, meandering between wildgrowing greenery, self-built houses & sheds, random recycling/art, kids, dogs & cats running freely, laughing my ass off when a kid got reprimanded for pushing her daddy into the dust-kicking pogozone & mummy next jumping in herself dragging the kid along, and the general utterly relaxed atmosphere. Berlin at its best imho, but ah well, I am a bit of a hippie at heart 🙂

Blurp – Just a fly

For 3 days now, there’s a fly in my room with a fetish for my monitor. Irritating the shizniz out of me.

And normally, due to my cats hunting instincts, the average lifespan of any insect (or spider, or mouse, or well.. anything that moves including my toes) is about minus 1 minute. But I guess I shoved my cat off my desk too many times. Grumpf.

*baits cat… gets utterly surprised look*

*tries to swat fly with own – human – paws… too slow*

*puts cat in front of monitor*

*cat completely flabbergasted*


Blurp – A Noisy Crowd Going Quiet

So.. a crowd of about 400 wearing band-shirts from Napalm Death, Neurot label bands, industrial festivals, Swans and scandinavian metal bands, & anticipating one hell of a loud feedback distortion trance, watches the support gig.

Which is completely different from the slow torture death metal of the main act & consists of one woman with an experimental cello-like instrument and an eery voice.

And there is utter, complete, silence in the audience while listening to her soft music. And I mean utter silence. No one utters even one word, no whispers, no phones ringing, no cameras clicking. Only sound I’ve heard, standing up front, was actually the opening & closing of the fridge & the popping of bottles behind the bar at the back of the venue.

Now that’s the kinda crowd I like 🙂 Not only open minded when it comes to a completely different style of music, but also showing the uttermost respect for it.

On a side note, my inner organs, bones, diaphragm & the fillings in my teeth are still vibrating from the sub- sub- sub-bass frequencies from Sunn o))). The moment I saw the huge wall of amplifiers on stage I grabbed a pair of the free earplugs… but those only protected my ears 🙂

Blurp – Thunderstorm

Flattened & deafened by the Swans, step outside & the thunderstorm was just approaching.

Best strobo ever, the whole sky lighted up, letting my sweat-drenched hair do some independent headbanging in the wind, see bolts of lightning try striking the Fernsehturm, and thunder trying to be louder than my slight tinnitus. Lying down in the rain watching the sky is a wonderful way to cool down until I was soaked to the bones. Was so smart to hug the still very warm stones of Volksbühne to prevent me from getting a cold.

Blurp – Overused Parks

You know what season it is when this city’s over-used parks look more like sandy ashtrays than green meadows, smell like an animal crematorium and greasy, blue-ish, smoke obscures the sun…