Rant – Intimidation for being human

It actually slowly but steadily becomes dangerous to support refugees with “humanitarian” help as the stabbing of a pro-refugee politician in Köln showed, and a newspaper article about how volunteers in Berlin are threatened.

Not that this kind of actions will stop me from doing what I think is necessary or plain human. I won’t be intimidated (yet?). Not by strange interpretations of anti-smuggler laws by cops, not by xenophobic violent hate-preachers.

I’m still working on the border incident…. still angry.. in contact with an active group of journalists and lawyers because of this intimidation, huge intrusion of my privacy and restriction of general human rights, not even talking about just being frikkin helpful & friendly to a fellow-human being.

(Note: a few weeks ago, I was registered as a “refugee trafficker” by the dutch border police because I told two refugees where & when a train left & talking to them when the train crossed the border between Germany & Holland).