Rant – I am a Trafficker

Pissed, shocked.. It’s THAT easy to get registered as a “refugee trafficker”. Just happened to me.

And why? Because at a train station in germany, an elderly guy asked me where & when the trains to Holland were going. We chatted, he told me he came from Syria, and also in the train, we talked about his trip, his life there (or what was left of it) and his hopes for the near future. He already had a train ticket, and would have made the trip without me. So I did NOT give any help, I was just friendly.

The good news, he & his friend made it over the border, and were actually free to go to register as a refugee.. but I had to talk like mad to get myself out of 3 days of jail… Yes, we prolly were naive. Maybe we shouldn’t have talked. Cause prolly the border police heard us talk… Ok, the Visas from Serbia & Montenegro in my passport didn’t help either.

But WTF??? ALL I did was help point out platform & time, and just have a friendly chat on the way… And now I’m a “trafficker”.. Ridiculous.