Rant – I am a Trafficker – a smuggler of humans (reprise)

At a time, when politicians promise to welcome refugees, but at the same time, close their borders and make their laws more strict; promise financial aid, but it never arrives there where it is needed; assign quotas among each other, but only take up a very small amount of people, & make deals with bordering countries to prevent refugees to actually enter Europe.

At a time, where everywhere in Europe xenophobic idiots burn down the oso needed shelters, or “businessmen” profit from renting out empty buildings to the government, assuming volunteers will take care of bringing food and medical help (yes it’s happening, unfortunately there have been quite a few examples already..)

And everywhere in Europe, people are left in limbo, hungry, freezing, in between borders, at registration & so-called transit zones from Greece to Germany, or left to take care of themselves in makeshift shelters.

I’m almost proud to be registered as a trafficker… (even though I was no help at all)..