Rant – Crossing Borders

Three weeks with bad internet connection. So three weeks without real “news”. Now, in the notsocheapmotel, I’m reading up…

Three week ago, I though I would be traveling against the stream of refugees taking the dangerous Balkan route. Well… I did. After the closing of the border of Hungary, I expected many refugees would try to go over Montenegro & Bosnia, but there weren’t as many as I expected.

But from tomorrow, I will join that stream. Though with a valid ticket. And with the “right” papers and the “right” color of skin. The worst I can expect is a traffic jam near the german-austrian border and I might miss the last train back home. But I won’t have to jump that train, or walk over the border. And I will “pass” any border controls.

I was thinking of going back for a longer period to help out in Serbia.

However, I’m also catching up with the mails of my friends volunteering in the giveaway shop and the foodsharing, One of the reports I read was from one of my colleagues now volunteering in the “Jungle” in Calais…

But I’m afraid I won’t need to travel to help out. There’s a lot of support needed, both in people as well as in goods, for those who have actually made it. One of the mails I read was about a group of 20+ minors (between 15 and 18) stuck in some sort of “vacation village” without any kind of support, not from the government, not from NGOs, and only 2 volunteers. Those kids only have summer clothing, one of them has no shoes, there’s no medical help, and two of them are seriously ill….

Nope. I won’t have to travel. Damn you Fortress Europe.