Impressions – The Start of the Outdoor Season

Dancing – & muddying – my new (ok, new for me, I found them in the giveaway shop) vegan boots in, on a favorite band during a spring rain storm in a “wagon-place”, watching the wind move the trees, dunno if my hair is wet from rain or sweat (why did I bother showering beforehand?), dogs & kids running in between a crowd jumping around and having a good time, even after the cops came.

How I enjoy the colourful, diverse, world of this city’s alternative scene. My smiling muscles are aching.

The outdoor season definitively has started. Many more street parties, wagon-place events (heck, what’s the english word for wagenburg?) and “official” festivals to look forward too…

(of course, I don’t mind the dark caves with even darker music such as last night’s semi-official warehouse party, and knowing I’ll bury myself in another dark cave tonight for another probably loud & rhythmic night)