Impression – A Short Trip to Borg Country

First day I arrived in Sweden I made a joke about how it felt like Borg country.

This was meant to be a frikkin JOKE. As in, not to be taken seriously, and most certainly to be disproved. When I spotted the logo of this company in the harbor, well… it just summed it all up. Guess it’s one way to find out I not only thrive on (non-assimilated) chaostrophy, it’s a basic need.


One day left to sniff out the magick, or at least find a bit of grass longer than 3cm, a tree being allowed to shed its leaves, or a piece of broken fishnet washed up on the beach.

But the seagulls are cool, almost won a staring contest with one of them. And frikkin amazing falafel in the only neighborhood where I didn’t feel completely “at odds”.