Blurp – a full gig schedule.. but..

Had like 6 gigs planned for the first 6 days in April.

  • First gig – Author & Punisher – canceled. Humpf.
  • Second gig – Anemone Tube & others – down with the flu. Humpf 2.
  • Third gig – Guts Pie Earshot – sold out. HUMPF THREE.

Wanted to pick up the record I “pre-financed”. so waited outside in the rain – at least heard the band. Doorguy told me to hop in to pick up the record. Few people left, so I was allowed in, yay, and like always watching this band, can’t get the grin off my face anymore, after doing the happily jumping around in a waaay overcrowded & steamy Schokoladen.

That’s how a gig (and an audience) should be, including the “why did I shower beforehand”, the huge grins, high-fives and hippie-pogo with unknown people, sharing drinks, and of course a band that goes 150% for playing their music live (yes, they do play 40 minutes straight without any stops, and then another… and another…).

… and best DK cover EVER

Now still got 3 other gigs on my list