Encounter: a new dentist in the neighborhood

Always nice to make a – new – dentist’s day…

When I explained to him that, though caries has a hard time getting a grip on my teeth, they are 50 shades of yellow, brown & black because of breathing fire, you just saw “this can only happen to you in Friedrichshain” crossing his mind.

He even made pictures of the inside of my mouth and plans to do more research on what the long-term effects of petroleum on teeth & gums are, cause I told him more fire-spitters know the problem….

And now I realize I introduced myself by telling him I’m one of those people who have a dentist phobia. And both this phobia as well as the many scars inside my mouth  – he was pretty amazed by those too – are caused by falling (mostly out of trees) a lot.

So… then I tell him I breathe fire as if it is something completely normal.
And no, there are no less dangerous substances than petroleum to breathe fire with, well maybe lamp oil.

I guess one of the reasons he told me I was one of a kind (Ha! wait till he gets more – pierced up & fully tattooed, but afraid of the dentist – Friedrichshainers in his chair) are the priorities I have when it comes to being scared shitless…