Intermezzo – Foodsaving (shameless short promotion)

Sometimes you wonder when the “saved” food from the market is in a better condition than the food you bought and has been hiding in your fridge for a few days…..

Oh, and on a side note.. saving food is less stress than actually buying the stuff in a shop: it surely saves you the trouble of making the decision what to eat: you just have to make do with what you get (and you get to know the shop owner which makes it more pleasantly “shopping”).

And end the non-shopping by drinking tea discussing the different views on life a former east-german dissidente, a wicca from Bavaria and an ex-punk toxicologist can have

Blurp – Freezing with Vitamines

Outside it’s minus 3 degrees, and I’m actually making a fruit salad of honey melon, bananas, kiwis, grapes & other fruit to go with the marinated tofu, all “saved food” from the local market…

Me guesses this will be the first winter I can actually afford (mostly because of my principles of only buying, and I mean buying, locally grown, organic, food) getting a fruit overdose.

Saving food at the market is great, the people from the stands even gave us hot chocolate (and hot meals) so we could keep on going collecting. Oh, and most of the food goes to “good causes” (it’s usually so much, we can feed a lot of people) or we re-distribute it: on the way back I gave a homeless guy some of the bread), but I don’t mind grabbing some of the leftovers.