Blurp – Those Bloody Flashes of Creativity

One of the 10,000 projects screaming for attention: building lamps out of broken bike-parts.

Those things which go like:

Middle of the night, get a flash of that dang creativity urge. Of course, ideas never can just stay in my head innocently. Next day, run to random repair shops to ask for their waste. Find out it is one hell of a job trying to frikkin clean the stuff.

Heap of rusty parts in bucket. Two weeks later, clean m again. Try to saw the non-useful stuff off with a not too sharp iron saw. Of course, this in the middle of the night. Get really oily fingers cause the stuff is still not clean. Find more old iron waste in the giveaway shop. Break those things further down. Hence, more heaps of rusty stuff in a corner. Clean it again. Clean fingers again. Hang or stash half-tried products somewhere where they will be in the way or where I constantly stumble over them. Clean toes & fingers again.

Sigh. Ah well. At least the idea might be nice. Just why do I actually have to try to ACT upon it.