Blurp – The Beat Goes On

And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on… seems the magick of the past two weeks simply doesn’t want to stop.

Walking towards the “volxmassage” (heck, no way to translate that one… massage for the people?? activist’s massage?? one of the projects in our nomoney-economy collective, massage-workshops for free…), I see this huge queue in front of our neighbors from Supamolly. I’ve never seen a queue there. Guess the gig there was more than sold out.

While I get re-instructed how you should perform a massage – made all the beginner mistakes this weekend.. – we suddenly hear a guitar and drums & people playing in the street. And frikkin good too. & the crowd waiting outside singing along.

Turns out the band playing in Molly felt sorry for all the people not getting in, packed up their gear, and did a spontaneous acoustic set outside. Me guesses the people who didn’t get in got a very special night out there and will remember this as more as “just another gig”. When I got out one hour later, there were still many, many, many huge smiles.

Now I never heard of the band before, but they sure made it in my book….

Luckily this part of the city, the neighbors are not the complaining sort. Yet.