Blurp – Taking off your Boots

Weird experience. At the end of a mega-fetish-industrial-noise party, I sit on the ground, take off my boots and put my leggings back on. And a guy comes up to me telling me this is “not done” and I should have used the bathroom to do it in private… Other people walk past and I get “the eye”.


Around me are a lot of almost-naked people, some of them only wearing pieces of duct tape, there’s quite a bit of semi-fucking going on, there is an open view on the bondage area & the dungeon, and just sitting on the ground, not even in full sight, and just very practically getting some warmer clothes on before leaving is “wrong”? Gosh, you would have had to try hard to spot my underwear.. Really… Maybe if I had made a performance out of it, it would have been acceptable..

Guess it says enough about the party. Musicwise it was amazing (ouch my feet), the other aspect… Well.. I’ve been to quite a few of the more regular “normal” Berlin parties which had more atmosphere and where well… the audience might have been extreme, but most definitively themselves? Imho, there was quite a bit of showing off, and not enough expressing… I remembered what someone once told me about KitKat: you can put a german secretary in leather & latex, it will still be a german secretary”..