Blurp – Living dangerously

ok.. usually when people tell me I take too many risks (hiking alone in the mountains, firebreathing, hitchhiking in countries where I don’t speak the language, acrobatics and other physical exercise which require movements the body isn’t really meant to do), I jokingly point out, the biggest risks I take are crossing two busy streets on my way to work twice a day. That’s JOKINGLY.

Life-with-a-capital-L shouldn’t need to prove it. I’m very much aware of statistics, thankyouverymuch. Today on the way back from work I almost got hit by a car who ignored my pedestrian light being green (busy road 1), after a short ride in the metro I got hit by a bike without lights going in the opposite direction on the sidewalk (busy road 2).

Again, dear Life-with-a-capital L, please don’t take my jokes seriously?? You already did this too many times…