Blurp – Almost empty backpack

Not much was left of my two backpacks utterly filled up with socks, underwear and scarfs after I finally managed to deliver the stuff for the refugees to the right people, and where it was indeed needed.

Again, right across the street from my hostel there’s an improvised refugee camp. And no, again, I don’t take pictures. a. I don’t think that’s “worthy”, b. again, just like in Budapest, pictures simply are not a good representation of the situation. And you don’t want to know how it looked after the really heavy cloudburst this evening. The volunteers here are desperately looking for laundry machines to use so they can clean the clothing again.

But also again. The people I meet are so amazing, though the situation here (and what I heard, indeed in Subotica) is really bad, in a different way from Budapest, and for all, contrary to Budapest and Berlin, there’s lack of so many things here.. For example children’s (boy’s) clothing and shoes.

Again and again, the support and the solidarity of the local people & the people from different countries volunteering, and the work and the heart they put into it… it’s frikkin awesome. You people are the best 🙂