Rant – I am a Trafficker – a smuggler of humans (reprise)

At a time, when politicians promise to welcome refugees, but at the same time, close their borders and make their laws more strict; promise financial aid, but it never arrives there where it is needed; assign quotas among each other, but only take up a very small amount of people, & make deals with bordering countries to prevent refugees to actually enter Europe.

At a time, where everywhere in Europe xenophobic idiots burn down the oso needed shelters, or “businessmen” profit from renting out empty buildings to the government, assuming volunteers will take care of bringing food and medical help (yes it’s happening, unfortunately there have been quite a few examples already..)

And everywhere in Europe, people are left in limbo, hungry, freezing, in between borders, at registration & so-called transit zones from Greece to Germany, or left to take care of themselves in makeshift shelters.

I’m almost proud to be registered as a trafficker… (even though I was no help at all)..

Rant – Intimidation for being human

It actually slowly but steadily becomes dangerous to support refugees with “humanitarian” help as the stabbing of a pro-refugee politician in Köln showed, and a newspaper article about how volunteers in Berlin are threatened.

Not that this kind of actions will stop me from doing what I think is necessary or plain human. I won’t be intimidated (yet?). Not by strange interpretations of anti-smuggler laws by cops, not by xenophobic violent hate-preachers.

I’m still working on the border incident…. still angry.. in contact with an active group of journalists and lawyers because of this intimidation, huge intrusion of my privacy and restriction of general human rights, not even talking about just being frikkin helpful & friendly to a fellow-human being.

(Note: a few weeks ago, I was registered as a “refugee trafficker” by the dutch border police because I told two refugees where & when a train left & talking to them when the train crossed the border between Germany & Holland).

Rant – I am a Trafficker

Pissed, shocked.. It’s THAT easy to get registered as a “refugee trafficker”. Just happened to me.

And why? Because at a train station in germany, an elderly guy asked me where & when the trains to Holland were going. We chatted, he told me he came from Syria, and also in the train, we talked about his trip, his life there (or what was left of it) and his hopes for the near future. He already had a train ticket, and would have made the trip without me. So I did NOT give any help, I was just friendly.

The good news, he & his friend made it over the border, and were actually free to go to register as a refugee.. but I had to talk like mad to get myself out of 3 days of jail… Yes, we prolly were naive. Maybe we shouldn’t have talked. Cause prolly the border police heard us talk… Ok, the Visas from Serbia & Montenegro in my passport didn’t help either.

But WTF??? ALL I did was help point out platform & time, and just have a friendly chat on the way… And now I’m a “trafficker”.. Ridiculous.

Blurp – Living dangerously

ok.. usually when people tell me I take too many risks (hiking alone in the mountains, firebreathing, hitchhiking in countries where I don’t speak the language, acrobatics and other physical exercise which require movements the body isn’t really meant to do), I jokingly point out, the biggest risks I take are crossing two busy streets on my way to work twice a day. That’s JOKINGLY.

Life-with-a-capital-L shouldn’t need to prove it. I’m very much aware of statistics, thankyouverymuch. Today on the way back from work I almost got hit by a car who ignored my pedestrian light being green (busy road 1), after a short ride in the metro I got hit by a bike without lights going in the opposite direction on the sidewalk (busy road 2).

Again, dear Life-with-a-capital L, please don’t take my jokes seriously?? You already did this too many times…

Blurp – Nature when you least expect it

To see cats & rats roaming the streets of a big city at night is quite normal.

When I moved here, I was happily surprised by the amount of squirrels foraging and flying from tree to tree. I almost got used to foxes feeling quite at home in my street.

But on my way back from the giveaway shop tonight, I spotted a big fluffy tail, not red enough for a fox or a squirrel, and legs too short for a cat. Yup, bumping into a feral ferret was relatively new experience I gotta admit. And the look in its eyes were something like “wtf are you looking at”. I guess this one didn’t like life as a pet….

(Note from december: a friend of mine pointed out it was probably not a ferret, but a stone-marten. These seem to have found their ecological niche in the cracks of civilization, causing stories about poltergeists because they have found their way to the attics of the old buildings, and car problems since they love chewing the wires and tubes…)