Blurp – The Beat Goes On

And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on… seems the magick of the past two weeks simply doesn’t want to stop.

Walking towards the “volxmassage” (heck, no way to translate that one… massage for the people?? activist’s massage?? one of the projects in our nomoney-economy collective, massage-workshops for free…), I see this huge queue in front of our neighbors from Supamolly. I’ve never seen a queue there. Guess the gig there was more than sold out.

While I get re-instructed how you should perform a massage – made all the beginner mistakes this weekend.. – we suddenly hear a guitar and drums & people playing in the street. And frikkin good too. & the crowd waiting outside singing along.

Turns out the band playing in Molly felt sorry for all the people not getting in, packed up their gear, and did a spontaneous acoustic set outside. Me guesses the people who didn’t get in got a very special night out there and will remember this as more as “just another gig”. When I got out one hour later, there were still many, many, many huge smiles.

Now I never heard of the band before, but they sure made it in my book….

Luckily this part of the city, the neighbors are not the complaining sort. Yet.

Impressions – The Start of the Outdoor Season

Dancing – & muddying – my new (ok, new for me, I found them in the giveaway shop) vegan boots in, on a favorite band during a spring rain storm in a “wagon-place”, watching the wind move the trees, dunno if my hair is wet from rain or sweat (why did I bother showering beforehand?), dogs & kids running in between a crowd jumping around and having a good time, even after the cops came.

How I enjoy the colourful, diverse, world of this city’s alternative scene. My smiling muscles are aching.

The outdoor season definitively has started. Many more street parties, wagon-place events (heck, what’s the english word for wagenburg?) and “official” festivals to look forward too…

(of course, I don’t mind the dark caves with even darker music such as last night’s semi-official warehouse party, and knowing I’ll bury myself in another dark cave tonight for another probably loud & rhythmic night)

Impression – The Free shop on Location

Our Free Shop went “on location” for the neighborhood market in between the cherry & apple blossoms in the garden of Villa Kuriosum.

Made quite a few people happy with the stuff we brought, a woman walking away with exactly the same shoes which just died on her, other people who tried to sell stuff ended up swapping stuff with us, and even the gold-enameled kitsch vase found a new home.

Poor parents when their kids discovered all our cuddly toys. One little girl walked off with a (original DDR- someone told us) teddy bear almost as big as her, her daddy following her, shaking his head and mumbling “I just cleaned all her toys out”. Wouldn’t be surprised if we find that bear back in the shop in a couple of weeks..

Picture – Organic Bike

One of the things I like about my neighborhood.

For months now, I’ve been watching this bike slowly turning organic. Started with the saddle, next the wheel, now the handles.

Note how it is still actually LOCKED.