Blurp – Those Bloody Flashes of Creativity

One of the 10,000 projects screaming for attention: building lamps out of broken bike-parts.

Those things which go like:

Middle of the night, get a flash of that dang creativity urge. Of course, ideas never can just stay in my head innocently. Next day, run to random repair shops to ask for their waste. Find out it is one hell of a job trying to frikkin clean the stuff.

Heap of rusty parts in bucket. Two weeks later, clean m again. Try to saw the non-useful stuff off with a not too sharp iron saw. Of course, this in the middle of the night. Get really oily fingers cause the stuff is still not clean. Find more old iron waste in the giveaway shop. Break those things further down. Hence, more heaps of rusty stuff in a corner. Clean it again. Clean fingers again. Hang or stash half-tried products somewhere where they will be in the way or where I constantly stumble over them. Clean toes & fingers again.

Sigh. Ah well. At least the idea might be nice. Just why do I actually have to try to ACT upon it.

Blurp – A Good Night Out

Dang, if anyone in the 80s would have told me, in 2015, when you’re 47, you will be walking through a full-mooned – though not blood-mooned unfortunately – night to dance your head off in one (dark & black-lighted) basement to Skinny Puppy & Cabaret Voltaire, in another room full of “people with exploded mattresses on their head” (thx Urbanus…) to SPK & Virgin Prunes, & most mindfucking, in a third room (with a semi-functioning smoke cannon) to a lot of post-millennium noise, Coil and Foetus… (the 4th floor with the batcave stuff I just took a peak) and leave the party with the birds singing, the sun shining & a straight blue sky, knowing I would probably miss a beautiful day..

I don’t think I would have believed them…

Blurp – a full gig schedule.. but..

Had like 6 gigs planned for the first 6 days in April.

  • First gig – Author & Punisher – canceled. Humpf.
  • Second gig – Anemone Tube & others – down with the flu. Humpf 2.
  • Third gig – Guts Pie Earshot – sold out. HUMPF THREE.

Wanted to pick up the record I “pre-financed”. so waited outside in the rain – at least heard the band. Doorguy told me to hop in to pick up the record. Few people left, so I was allowed in, yay, and like always watching this band, can’t get the grin off my face anymore, after doing the happily jumping around in a waaay overcrowded & steamy Schokoladen.

That’s how a gig (and an audience) should be, including the “why did I shower beforehand”, the huge grins, high-fives and hippie-pogo with unknown people, sharing drinks, and of course a band that goes 150% for playing their music live (yes, they do play 40 minutes straight without any stops, and then another… and another…).

… and best DK cover EVER

Now still got 3 other gigs on my list