Blurp – Saving spring fruit in winter

One of the things learned from foodsaving: some fruits, such as strawberries, just don’t taste that great out of season. *highly anticipating but now disillusioned* *humpf*

Rant – NoBärgida – Xenophobes are scary people

Ok, definitively no fun, and secretly quite scary.. At the end of the protest against the Bärgida (the berlin Pegida spin-off) tonight we were left with so little people, the more violently minded of the other side felt secure enough in their numbers to actually break through the police lines and try to attack us (maybe we shouldn’t have sung they had a football-stadium ban…).

No fun at all when you see 20 of these broad-shouldered idiots storming towards you… and knowing on “our” side are elderly people, self-declared pacifists and in general, not that many people prepared for something like that.

If anyone still thinks the Pegida / Bärgida/ whatever-gida people are peaceful protesters, think again. As if the attacks on journalists a few weeks ago in Leipzig hadn’t made that clear.

And frikkin hell… this made clear to me again, how important it is to make a stand, be there and be loud… I’ll be there next monday, I’m afraid it’s necessary… I hope there will be more….

Blurp – NoBärgida (re-reprise…)

Luckily, Bärgida was really small (ca. 150), but the counterprotest numbers are dwindling too, down to ca. 500 today… I really hope we can keep it up as long as they keep it up.
The bad news is the other side is more and more openly fascist/racist, a group of right-wing hooligans made their presence clear, and they actually managed to march the few hundred meters they planned.

Well.. at least we’re still louder & my improvised sign survived the snow & made some people on our side smile (though I guess no german knows the double meaning of the (german!) word Glückskatze: multi-coloured cats bring luck according to (too ancient??) popular belief, humpf).